Wednesday, 8 May 2013

April and a Roman Holiday

Business breakfast? love these gold lined Bowler Hats as pendant lights at 1st Class Lounge Birmingham Airport. Nearly missed the well awaited flight to Rome this Lounge was so nice!! 

Arrive in Rome in the afternoon.... cant believe the April weather 28 degrees heaven!! after suffering the cold English weather brrr.. so taking it all in while sitting at the base of one of the grand columns at the Vatican City

One of the many beautiful large lanterns in the Vatican city everything kept so clean! 

A view from the Vatican Musuem still cant believe the sunshine :0

Beautiful square in the Vatican Museum surrounded by Roman Sculptures & Roman Baths

Room after room of Breath taking Sculptures

Walking on Ancient mosaic.....really!!!

Such Animated Sculptures of Animals one of several rooms full of Roman Animals

One of the many Glorious ceilings in the Vatican

Fine Mosaic part of a border of a whole room

Vatican Musuem

Such detail on every room entrance you can see why so many people toured Italy for home Inspiration

Detail of Ceiling in the Map Room of the Vatican

Ceiling detail in hallway to the popes private quarters quite refreshing to see his nets could do with a wash!!

Columns columns everywhere!!!

In St Peters Basilica now.... I have never seen decoration like it!! wealth difficult to comprehend? But such beautiful Imagery & ceilings oh my gosh!!!

Just a small embellishment of the doorway?...

This fabulous coffee only cost us a euro funny to hear of a Brit that got ripped off 54 euros in Rome this week! really?

On we go another fab ceiling but in another Basilica

Poor Angels having to support that roof looking lovely though :)

Trevi Fountain which was part of our segway tour..... one way to pack all the glorious sights of Rome in courtesy of Rex Tours great guide Thanks to