Monday, 23 September 2013

Old is New with Chandeliers (Article taken from Houzz)

Chandeliers are usually seen in grand traditional homes. But given this statement, it doesn’t mean that you can’t put one in your home. 

You can install chandeliers and add elegance to any space. But have you ever wondered about the history of these lighting fixtures? 

Chandeliers are fixtures that usually have two or more arms that carry lights. They are mounted on your ceilings. There are different kinds of chandeliers, but all of them give that very same effect for elegance. Modern ones are very flamboyant, with lots and lots of lamps and complicated displays of murals, to give more illumination to the room with its many convoluted patterns. 

The first chandeliers were utilized back in the medieval ages as decorations in churches and abbeys to give more illumination to vast halls. Their first look was a simple wooden cross that has some spikes on which the candles will be laid. This whole construction will be lifted up to a particular height hanging on a rope that is also suspended from a hook. 

After the fifteenth century, more ornate versions of chandeliers showed up. The most popular designs back then were those of crown designs and were commonly found in palaces and residences of the extremely rich. It was used as a status symbol. 

When the world reached the eighteenth century, brass versions came into being, with long, curved branches and carries many candles, and were also most usually found in houses of merchants. 

It was also in the same century that glassmaking skills were developed, and this said enhancement led to the cheaper production of lead crystal. Crystal has highly refractive glass and it scatters light in proportions other forms of glass are incapable of doing. Crystal was added to the chandeliers’ conglomeration, and the famous crystal chandelier started to exist. 

Until the end of the twentieth century these lighting fixtures were referred to as an item for decoration in a specific room. 

Chandeliers can be added to any style space adding that touch of old world elegance. One of my favorite combinations is a modern space with a very traditional chandelier as the focal point. 

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Exhibiting at Burghley Horse Trials Burghley Lifestyle Pavillion 2013

The first time Ive ever done an exhibition or stand for Opera Chandeliers and what a spectacular place to start!!!The grounds of
Burghley House! 
The event was the Burghley Horse Trials 2013 a 4 day event of Dressage, Cross Country & Show Jumping. The greatest horse event held in in the World!! 
We were based in the grounds of the house in one of the Various Pavillions on site. The weather was fantastic! 28 degrees on Thursday and sunshine throughout most of the four days!!150,000 horse and shopping enthusiasts passed through the groundsand we were busy busy right from the get go!! :).....

Burghley House.

 Walking through the sleeping tents in the morning past the grand house to get breakfast was quite lovely!!

Set up took quite some time as we were first timers :( But with my little smiley helpers

We had nothing but positive and great comments about our stand! ( Sometimes gasps of how lovely!!) it seems that everyone loves Chandeliers :)

For Burghley we sold a mix of Chandeliers Homeware (with a Horsie Country theme of course) & Mirrors

Oh and some fabulous outdoor lanterns for Gate posts

A lovely selection of our silver ware and Pewter

Whos that lurking in the corner he gets everwhere!

So while we were working hard  indoors selling selling
everyone was making the most of the lovely weather and events and why not!!

So to the event oh and yes the horses. The Parade of riders. Well what can I say very nice!! Ladies...

Nicola Wilson GB Olympic Silver Medalist came 11th overall at Burghley. We were supporting her especially as she and her husband are now one of our customers :) 

My Daughter Scarlett joined us on Saturday with friend Vinnie. Lovely to see other family members!! Thanks for your support!

The 4 days passed very quickly.Before we knew it it was Sunday and as tradition has it the Spitfire fly past... just managed to run out of the tent as I heard it approaching. There is nothing more awesome than the sound of the spitfire.

 My head was spinning by the Sunday we had some great sales and have made many new contacts that we hope to do future business with. I started delivering on Tuesday and in that first day I visited some fabulous houses that are now being furnished with our Lights, Mirrors and Chandeliers!!! 

The overall winner of the Burghley Horse Trials 2013 Jock Paget.

So will be back next year? You bet!! My only regret is that I didnt get much chance to shop myself :( as the shopping here is amazing!!.So many individual stands and products that you cant  buy in the average high street shop.

Hope to see you next year Burghley people.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

For coming photos of New Mirrors & Homeware being addded for the Burghley Stand
at Burghley LifeStyle Pavillion
Burghley Horse Trials 5-8th September 2013

I have been very busy sourcing lovely objects to compliment the extensive range of Chandeliers that will be for sale at the Burghley Show including Wall lights, Photo Frames, Jardinares,Vases, Ice Buckets & Tableware I will be uploading photos shortly I hope!! Exciting :)

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

April and a Roman Holiday

Business breakfast? love these gold lined Bowler Hats as pendant lights at 1st Class Lounge Birmingham Airport. Nearly missed the well awaited flight to Rome this Lounge was so nice!! 

Arrive in Rome in the afternoon.... cant believe the April weather 28 degrees heaven!! after suffering the cold English weather brrr.. so taking it all in while sitting at the base of one of the grand columns at the Vatican City

One of the many beautiful large lanterns in the Vatican city everything kept so clean! 

A view from the Vatican Musuem still cant believe the sunshine :0

Beautiful square in the Vatican Museum surrounded by Roman Sculptures & Roman Baths

Room after room of Breath taking Sculptures

Walking on Ancient mosaic.....really!!!

Such Animated Sculptures of Animals one of several rooms full of Roman Animals

One of the many Glorious ceilings in the Vatican

Fine Mosaic part of a border of a whole room

Vatican Musuem

Such detail on every room entrance you can see why so many people toured Italy for home Inspiration

Detail of Ceiling in the Map Room of the Vatican

Ceiling detail in hallway to the popes private quarters quite refreshing to see his nets could do with a wash!!

Columns columns everywhere!!!

In St Peters Basilica now.... I have never seen decoration like it!! wealth difficult to comprehend? But such beautiful Imagery & ceilings oh my gosh!!!

Just a small embellishment of the doorway?...

This fabulous coffee only cost us a euro funny to hear of a Brit that got ripped off 54 euros in Rome this week! really?

On we go another fab ceiling but in another Basilica

Poor Angels having to support that roof looking lovely though :)

Trevi Fountain which was part of our segway tour..... one way to pack all the glorious sights of Rome in courtesy of Rex Tours great guide Thanks to

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Revamping room accessories

Just been moving the Daughter to a larger room :-) Shades of Grey, White & Navy. Thought id respray her accessories....... Perhaps shouldnt have done so in kitchen messy!!.......but still too cold outside ooops :-(

Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Here are a few of rooms with one of the style of Chandeliers I have in at present. French Marie Therese.These following pictures illustrate its wonderful versatility!! As you can see this type of frame does suit all types of rooms.I think it always helps to visualise them in living spaces.

How wonderful to relax in the bath on an evening or lazy Sunday morning looking up at the Chandelier & contemplate nice things!!

Or simply in a Dining Room such as this. No fuss not even any window dressings in any of these photos all about the Chandelier!!! allows for a more contemporary edge  

A second Dining Room Slightly more formal larger Chandelier hung higher in the room but equally as stunning!!

Source: via ALISON on Pinterest

Finally impact in a Bedroom no large Crytsals here just chains & swags of glass buttons on a Marie Therese frame

Here they are the Chandeliers that will add the Drama & Elegance to the room. All available from my showroom at the moment fully restored & rewired.
The one above has Beautiful large Oakleaf Droppers

Marie Therese with glass covered frame & daisy detail. Glass Bobeches & Iceberg cut 

Gold reeded Marie Therese frame with hand cut large pear
droppers. 8 arm

Large Marie Therese Chandelier double tier with glass Bobeches & Oakleaf droppers. Fabulous in larger room for maximum impact. HOPE YOU LIKE THE PAGES!!!!
Feel free if you want any prices measurements etc

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Catalogue of Recent and Current Chandeliers

Small Selection of Chandeliers that I have renovated

Multi tiered Pear Drop Chandelier

Multi tiered Iceberg Crystal Chandelier

Gold Ornate Uplighter

French Marie Therese Oak leaf Chandelier

French Imperial Chandelier

Large Marie Therese Pear drop and Tear Drop Crystals

Large Marie Therese with Crystal Bbeches

Italian 8 arm glass & crystal Chandelier

Marie Therese Iceberg Chandelier

Gold Marie Therese Chandelier

English Multi tiered spider Chandelier with Large pear drop Crystals

Marie Therese Glass & Daisy with Iceberg Crystals

1 of a pair Multi tiered Pear drop Chandelier cherub detail

Stunning Multi tiered Iceberg Chandelier

Small Pear drop Chandelier 3 light

8 arm Hand cut pear drop crystal Chandelier