Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Catalogue of Recent and Current Chandeliers

Small Selection of Chandeliers that I have renovated

Multi tiered Pear Drop Chandelier

Multi tiered Iceberg Crystal Chandelier

Gold Ornate Uplighter

French Marie Therese Oak leaf Chandelier

French Imperial Chandelier

Large Marie Therese Pear drop and Tear Drop Crystals

Large Marie Therese with Crystal Bbeches

Italian 8 arm glass & crystal Chandelier

Marie Therese Iceberg Chandelier

Gold Marie Therese Chandelier

English Multi tiered spider Chandelier with Large pear drop Crystals

Marie Therese Glass & Daisy with Iceberg Crystals

1 of a pair Multi tiered Pear drop Chandelier cherub detail

Stunning Multi tiered Iceberg Chandelier

Small Pear drop Chandelier 3 light

8 arm Hand cut pear drop crystal Chandelier

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