Monday, 2 June 2014

Chatsworth House

Spring at Chatsworth House
Derbyshire, England 2014

     A visit to Chatsworth in April. Home of the Devonshire family.
                            Simply stunning!!
126 rooms with a hundred of them closed to the public! but at least we got to see 26 beautifully kept rooms. Attention to detail everywhere. Spring tulips in plain terracotta pots such a great contrast!

The Main Hall

The finished results re-gilded door frames & cleaned stone in the courtyard completed....just like new! 

And of course one of the reasons for coming the wonderful collection of outstanding lights

Stucco work at the back of the Entrance Hall

Walking into this darkened room.....its all about the view!

The Emperor Fountain built in 1844 by the architect Joseph Paxton....How high?

One of the more modest up-lighters some of which I have in stock on request :-)

The long Gallery. Stunning Pair of Regency Chandeliers at each end of the room re-conserved 2009 by Brotheridge

Both Chandeliers reflected in Regency Mirrors...oh & there Mother:-)

Another Beauty!!

The Cavendish family

The Main Dining Room

Table lamp detail

Chandelier 2763 pieces

Stag Chandelier at the top of the Italian Sculpture Gallery

Italian sculptures inspiration for this gallery taken from the Vatican Italy

Chatsworth is well known for its collection of modern artifacts and sculpture  and even had a contemporary Chandelier commisioned  last year...follow this link to see it designed by Junko Mori who studied at Camberwell.

Lovely Spring Garden displays in the grounds ..... already seems like an age ago... Happy Days :-)

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